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Vol.27 No.6, 2018

Research Activity on Food AND Packaging Technology in Toyo College of Food Technology(2)

Yoshifumi TAGUCHI

Research Introduction of Optical Materials Laboratory in Department

of Electronic Engineering, Tokyo Denki University

Shuichi SATO

Freshness-retaining Packaging System for Yamagata-brand Cherry Developed at Yamagata University

Yoshihiro DEGUCHI, Masato MAKINO, Jin GONG and Tomoya HIGASHIHARA

Shipping Quality and Risk Management in International Logistics


Study on Internal Decomposition Gas Detection of the Soft

Container Using the Non-contact Acoustic Inspection Method

Shigeya KAWAI, Yutaka NAKAGAWA and Tsuneyoshi SUGIMOTO

Developing a Method for Designing Glass Shapes that Excel in Highlighting Fragrance

Hideaki SATO

Vol.27 No.5, 2018

Research Trends on Method for Deriving Test Conditions

of Vibration Testing based on Transportation Vibration

Kazuki TSUDA

A Review of Non-Gaussian Random Vibration Testing


Study on Flip Test

Kyohei Iida

Evaluation of Deformation of Corrugated Box by Stacking Test and Proposal for The Risk Management


Introduce of Research and Development Trend on Mechanical Shock Fragility Test for Products


A Study of Effects of Salt for Strength Properties of Corrugated Fiberboard and Corrugated Box


Study on Vibration Characteristic Evaluation of Polyethylene Foam Used for Cushioning Material of Cultural Properties Packaging

Hiroshi WADA, Ken IMAKITA, Masahiro TAKAGI and Nobuyuki KAMBA

Vol.27 No.4, 2018

Adhesion Processing Technology of Fluoropolymer Material

~Through Case Studies of Processing Technology used for Heat Seal Molding of Packaging ~

Shintaro MAEDA, Susumu KAWATO, and Masahide KATO

Manufacturing Technology of Cryopreservation Bag Made of FEP Film

Toshio OBASE, Katsuhiko UEDA, and Kimitoshi SATO

Development of a New Impulse Sealer for Fluorine Resin Films


Laser Welding for Flowmeters and Fluid Components Made of Fluoroplastic Applied for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

Hiroshi KOYANAGI and Kimitoshi SATO

Corrugated Box Deformation by Static Load under Fluctuating Air Humidity

Satoshi HATANO, Katsuhiko SAITO, Akira HIGASHIYAMA and Yoshikazu NAKAO

Evaluation of Sealability of Heat Sealed Part by Flaw Detection Method and Constant Compression Test Method


A Study on the Influence of Expansion Joints on Expressway Bridges on Vibration of Platform of Truck Specialized for Transport of Art

Hiroshi WADA

Analysis of Vibrations Generated on the Loading Platform of Specialized Truck for Art Objects at the Boarding and Leaving the RO / RO Ship

Hiroshi WADA

Vol.27 No.3, 2018

Sustainable Production and Consumption Based on the SDGs in the Packaging Field
-Taking the Example of Partnership by Ito En, Ltd.,-

Hidemitsu SASAYA

Relation Between SDGs and Packaging Development


Development of UD and Eco-Friendly Refill Pack and Cartridge-Type Holder

Erika TSUCHIYA and Yoshinori INAGAWA

Visibility Improvement of Laser Mark Using Package with Laser Marking Print

Yuki SUGIYAMA , Shin YAMADA and Katsunobu ITO

Vol.27 No.2, 2018

Application of the Antioxidation Container “Fresh Squeeze Bottle”

Yoshikazu IWAYA and Tetsuaki EGUCHI

Packaging Technology for Food Containers Compatible with Single-person Households

Shunji AZUMA

Evolution of Subdivision Food Packaging-Response to Super Aged Society-


Vol.27 No.1, 2018

Packaging Technology for Branding of Agricultural Products

Noriko BABA

Novel Packaging of Strawberry Fruits for Sea Transport and Its Related Aspects


Long-term Storage of Modified Atmosphere Packaging Citrus‘Shiranuhi’

Hiroshi AIKAWA, Kuniya KITAZONO and Hideo SAKAKI

Evaluation and Countermeasure of Damage Due to Cumulative
Fatigue Induced by Repetitive Shock to Fresh Produce


Simulation of the Effect of Differences in Counterface Surface Material
 on Cumulative Damage to Strawberry Fruit due to Repetitive Shock